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Html Beginform Not Submitting Homework

ASP.NET MVC : Submit Form using Enter Key


Sometimes there is a scenario or requirement of posting the form on pressing the "Enter" key in mvc. This functionality can be achieved via jQuery in MVC.


Create a "HomeController" with an action method "Index_submit()"



Create a view corresponding to "Index_submit()" action method which contains a form with a textbox and also contains functionality for posting this form on pressing "Enter" key.



In above code a "DefaultButton" htmlattribute whose value is button with an id "submit_btn" is set for the form. Whenever any key is pressed keypress event for form is executed there assignment of keycode or charCode or which property of event to a variable keycode. The value of this keycode variable is checked which if 13 i.e keycode for "Enter" key then "DefaultButton" htmlattribute value which is "submit_btn" is assigned to a variable defaultbutton then click event on button with id "submit_btn"(submit button) is fired which ultimately post the form. 


Form filled with data :-



Form after pressing "Enter" key :-


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