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Enc 1101 Reflective Essay Examples


Throughout this class I have grown remarkably as a writer and thinker. My thought processes are deeper and more unique to my topic instead of generic as they were before. Enrolling in this class will help me throughout my life and future career to communicate better with others through the written language. Additionally this course has taught me how to properly address and identify the audience of my work no matter what the topic or the type of readers I may encounter.This process of becoming a more advanced writer was characterized by many different aspects of writing from the radio essay to the antiadvertisement! and each paper had its own set of differences it wanted to e"plore through writing! and if used correctly these newly learned skills would be useful in any assignment and life.To further e"plain! the technology assignment was meant for us #the students$ to discover ourselves and what has shaped us over the course of our life. This allowed us to be introduced to a deeper thinking and evaluate who we are as a person and why we are that way. %or this I choose the radio after initially doing the assignment completely wrong. To begin I choose multiple technologies and how I have went from one to the ne"t! completely missing the point of the assignment to narrow it down to &ust one instead of three like I had. 'o with the first conference I confirmed to myself that this class was going to be similar to a very longlasting shot. %or the fact that I have to take it so I might as well get it over with now and &ust do it #and no I did not  &ust quote (ike$. 'o I restarted my essay to only include one source of technology which would be the radio! and I attempted! again! to write my essay.)ith this set back I realized that I need to reevaluate the way I was analyzing prompts and interpretingthem because I could not afford to do five drafts per assignment instead of &ust four. *esulting with me still miscalculating the point of the ne"t paper! although this one was not as catastrophic. As a result for the ne"t assignment I began with knowingly admitting that I may slip up and summarize a few sentences in the +r. 'euss book ,The 'neetches-! but I never imagined messing up my e"planation and organization of the book in my essay. 'o again! another milestone I must cross to complete my paper and try to pass the class successfully.My ne"t attempt was slightly better than the previous but still not as developed as I had hoped for! so now rather than focusing on the topic and how I was reading it! I focused on how I was reading and interpreting my essay as an outsider! and to be fair it was a mess of confusion. I had quickly discovered that most probably do not know or remember the story of the 'neetches! nonetheless know it enough in detail to understand my essay without me readdressing the plot. That was my first ma&or mistake I had to change!  because if the reader does not initially understand what is occurring or being discussed in the paper! you could  be one hundred percent right but the reader would never know so it would never matter anyway.%ollowing the e"planation mistake I had to also alter the organization pattern so it flowed with te"tual support and visual support instead of one and then the ne"t. %or this I reordered my body paragraphs so they connected with each other in the sequence of the plot! so if the reader did not quite understand the story to the full e"tent then they could still follow the paper rather easily. Then I added visuals throughout the paper to assist the readers in imagining what was occurring throughout the story itself! because since the characters are not real I find it very beneficial to included pictures so the audience can have an idea of what to visualize as they read the essay.As for the last paper! this was a creative stump for me as a writer and as a student. iving us free range to develop an antiadvertisement to contrast the original would have been comprehensible if we were given theadvertisement with some outlines of ideas. /ut completely allowing us to choose our own and create the antiadvertisement was an obstacle I had a very difficult time overcoming. I could not find an advertisement that I deemed ,deep enough- to compose an entire paper from! and while others seemed to magically find the perfectones I was left with nothing but worry and defeat. %inally I tried settling on an advertisement that was absurd and disgusting for an energy drink whose name is not appropriate whatsoever. 'o neither was my antiad! which was a huge mistake because I could only write about five hundred words from it and then run out. 'o I threw away that draft #+e&a vu$.Then comes my current advertisement which I stumbled upon and was not even planning on doing untilI watched 0The *oast of 1ustin /ieber2 on MT3 and was slammed by inspiration. 4is one &oke for him hitting a pedestrian with his car is what sparked my fire for this antiadvertisement. And though it is still remotely  peculiar it has given me a lot to talk about which is precisely what I needed.'o with this essay I began incorporating my knowledge of the &oke but forgot that not everyone who would have seen this antiad would have understood the reference! so that began the change of word choice


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