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Cisco Case Study


Tropo, a startup acquired by Cisco in 2015, had to adapt to new processes and begin to use Cisco tools quickly. Until being acquired, Laura Giles, Cloud Integrations & Automation Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco, and her team relied on manual file dumps, scheduled tasks, and database transactions to manage workflows and keep disparate teams in constant communication. However, these processes were slow and inefficient, while outward-facing communication suffered, too. Sales leads were sent to email, where they sat unread for days – sometimes weeks – at a time. When a contact was on vacation or the message went to the wrong address, it could take even longer to get a response.

Cisco’s newly acquired team needed a better way to communicate with clients and with each other, along with a faster, more reliable system for making sure information would get to the right people at the right time.

Further, it needed a workflow and collaboration system that could handle its new parent company’s massive scale and conform to its existing processes. So the team sought to combine Cisco Spark with a toolset that was intuitive to use, yet sophisticated enough to allow for the custom workflow requirements.

Though there were some simple, consumer facing workflow systems out there, none of them had the ability to tackle the tasks Cisco’s teams needed. Then the team discovered Flow, a new Cisco-approved integration tool.

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