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Sample Lpi Essay


Write the LPI after receiving their Term 2 marks – write only if you have to, after checking your English 12 mark on the March report card. 

The Language Proficiency Index (English test) can be written at:
UBC Vancouver - Vancouver Campus
Simon Fraser University - Bby Campus
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Richmond or Surrey  or Langley Campus)
Douglas College - New Westminister

The Language Proficiency Index Test provides BC post-secondary institutes information regarding an individual student’s competency to take a 1st year university/college English course.

There are four parts to the test:
1.       Part 1 consists of sentence structure and identifying errors.
2.       Part 2 consists of English usage and identifying errors.
3.       Part 3 consists of paragraph development, structure, and content with multiple-choice questions and two or three sentence summaries for reading comprehension.
4.       Part 4 is writing a 300-400 word argumentative essay used to explain a topic. Here are 2 examples: “Soccer is a sport that will continue to flourish only outside of North America.” Agree or disagree. Or “You have been given a credit of $5000 on your credit card to spend as you wish - what would you spend the money on, and why?”

Most students will write the LPI after receiving their Term 2 marks – write only if you have to, after checking your English 12 mark on March 11.  If you have to write, register for sittings at Kwantlen, UBC, SFU or Douglas.

If you are planning to attend Langara do their test, the LET (Langara English Test). 

Kwantlen also has its own English Assessment Test, the EPT (English Placement Test). 

Both the LET and EPT are much less expensive than the LPI.

It is advisable not to write the LPI any later than mid-May since most scores should be available by June 1st for post-secondary registration. Students can rewrite the LPI as many times as needed. Different dates and locations are available at the LPI site.

Register at  
Pick the date and the Post-secondary institute that works best for you to write the test.

All institutes using the LPI score receive a print out within six weeks. Students can read their score using the site with their registration number and PIN within 6 weeks.

Bring your PEN and your S.I.N., pens, HB pencils, erasers
Printout ticket with your registration number and PIN.
2 photo ID’s 


SFU requires a level 4 on the essay and 50% on all the sections to be considered for writing intensive courses, not for admission to the university.  If students don't meet the exemption or take the LPI, they can take a qualifying (non-credit) English course (Foundations of Academic Literacy) in their first 30 credits.

Exemption from the LPI: 75% or higher in English 12 or English Lit 12 on the final blended mark or an AP English mark of 3 (80%).

UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan
UBC Van and UBC Ok require a Level 5 or 30/40 on the essay in order to take a first year English course (ENG 100) for credit.  

Exemption UBC Vancouver: Term 2 mark of 80% or a final blended mark of 75% or higher in English 12 or English Lit 12 or an AP English mark of 3.

If a student is taking a program in the Faculty of Arts (BA, BFA, or BMUS) they are not required to register in 1st year English but if they choose to do a 1st year English they will still need to qualify.  Students intending to take ARTS ONE or obtain a major/minor in English will, of course, need 1st year English so they must qualify by marks or the LPI.  Students in all other faculties must take 1st year English so they need to qualify by marks or LPI.

Exemption UBC Okanagan: a final English mark of 70% on course work or blended grade, 70% in English Literature or an AP English grade of 2.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University
KPU requires a Level 5 with a 30/40 on the essay portion to be able to take a ‘transferable to university’ English course (ENG 1100). A student can enroll in a nontransferable English course with a Level 4 or if their English 12 score is 66% or lower.

Exemption: students with a final blended mark of a 67% or higher in English 12.

Langara College
Langara College requires the LPI for students planning to enroll into 1st year academic English (ENG 1127). The minimum score is 26 on the essay and 50% on the LPI sections. To enter 1st year academic subjects such as Biology or Economics or Philosophy students will need 67% or higher in English 12.

Exemption: a final blended mark of 80% or higher in English 12 or Literature 12.

Douglas College
Douglas College requires a 5 on the English Usage section and score of 10 in Reading Comprehension for university transferable English, Communications or Creative Writing courses.

Exemption: students with a final blended mark of 73% (B) or higher in English 12 or Literature 12.

Don't do the LPI:
1.  If you have made a firm decision to attend Kwantlen Polytechnic University or Langara College choose to do their “in house” exam – it is easier and will be much less expensive than the LPI. 
2.  If you are planning to attend a university outside BC.
3.   BCIT, VCC, and UVIC do not require a LPI.

The University of British Columbia
The University of Victoria
Simon Fraser University
Camosun College
Capilano University
Thompson Rivers University
Douglas College
North Island College
University of the Fraser Valley
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Langara College
Vancouver Island University
Okanagan College
Selkirk College
Yukon College
The British Columbia Institute of Technology – only a few programs
Corrections and Community Justice Division of the Justice Institute
Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia
The Real Estate Council of British Columbia
Abbotsford Police Recruitment Department
New Westminster Police Recruitment Department
Victoria Police Recruitment Department
Port Moody Police Department

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LPI Reading

There is no free practice on the Official LPI Site. The best idea is to go to the CELPIP Academic official source first for your free samples on reading comprehension. There is a section 1 and section 2  and these are the same type and structure as those on the LPI exam.

Make sure that you separate your reading skill practice from your vocabulary practice. It is important that you try to classify the kind of reading comprehension question it is. 

In the summary section which many people classify as a writing section, what is important is that you fully understand the rules. briefly put your summary must involve: 
1. No more than 3 sentences. If you have more, they will mark it wrong
2. No copied sentences from the text. You can use the same words if they are names or non-substitutable terms but do not put more than 3 words together from the reading passage or you will receive a '0'.
3 Avoid opinionated summaries or a summary that is too specific.

LPI Writing Practice

Fortunately there is a bit more help with the essay than with the reading and writing. The best place to start is the CELPIP Academic (the same as LPI exam). 

You can do a sample writing topic but remember that you need to control the time. LPI is quite generous with time allowing for 1.5 hours for a 300-400 word essay and you are allowed to choose from 3 topics. A number of sites are out there. 

A site by a tutor called LPI-SAT Essay gives some solid advice about the reading writing connection and there are some topics offered in the ESL Writing Tutor specific to LPI.

Free LPI Reading and Writing Practice