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Taxation Without Representation Essays

No Taxation without Representation Essay

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Taxation is an extremely controversial topic in the United States because in order to continue to enjoy the American comforts of healthcare, social security, national and neighborhood defense, and regulated clean water and air, to name a few, we continue to increase the demands of our government without wanting to pay for the supply of services. Remember, money is a currency and can be used to consume, invest, save, pay loans (including credit cards), or pay taxes. If asking various families what it means for American’s to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as described in the Declaration of Independence, the responses will vary drastically.

Background: United States Economy and Reasons for Taxation
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These rights are instilled in every American citizen and people migrate from all over the world to have the same opportunities that we take for granted in this great country.
Taxes primary function is to pay for the government to provide our country with services such as national security, international relations, environment conservation, space exploration, agriculture stabilization, housing assistance, transportation infrastructure, education, unemployment assistance, health assistance, social security, veteran benefits, and administration of justice to name a few. As a society, there are a few questions that continually arise but are never decided upon. First, which services are considered merit goods, commodities that the public sector provides free or at a discounted price in order to encourage consumption (Britannica)? Second, how much of a merit good should be paid for by the government? Third, should the merit good be publicly or privately provided? Fourth, if there is a good which is not considered a merit good but has a large positive externality, should it be government subsidized? Lastly, should the wealthy contribute more taxes than the poor? I’m sure we can all agree that there are some goods that need to be publicly provided by the government in order to ensure that everyone has a minimum amount of benefit from the good, one example being national security. We the people of the United

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