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Who I Am Essay Paper

To write a speech on I am, it is necessary to reevaluate your own life, main events that influenced the process of shaping your character and individuality. The speech is usually presented on the occasions of the need to present yourself or highlight the main contributors to the process of forming the personality. The speech on who I am should include the description of the personality traits that are inherent to the individual. It can also relate to a specific event, where the person realized the strengths and weaknesses of own character. It is necessary to consider that such speeches can be written in individual formats, having no set structure or unified purpose of writing the speech. A successful speech on who I am will highlight events in the individual experience, where one’s character revealed its basic features.

Dear fellow students,

I am standing here today to describe myself. I am a girl, who enjoys the adolescence and new responsibilities that come with maturity. I am about to enter the most crucial in my academic career life, as I will be starting the final year at the university. The education that have obtained through life has contributed immensely to the shaping of my personality. I am a person who is able to analyze and provide honest feedback on the surrounding events. I am not afraid of challenges, always considering them a new opportunity for the personal growth and development of profession skills. I have always enjoyed learning, being able to understand the underlying reasons for the events that take place in the surrounding world. But for the high quality of my education, I would never be as happy with what I can do today.

I am a girl, who loves experiences. If you try to examine the values of my family members and contrast them to mine, you will see a great difference. I would save money for a new travel, rather than a new car. I enjoy trying new exciting activities that take place around me. The world has so much to offer. My admirations in life are bound to the opportunity of having a new experience. I would try water – skiing, fire – shows, fencing or skydiving. I perceive the surrounding activities as possibilities of having fun and creating memories with my friends or family that would last for ages. Being social is another feature of me, yet I must say that I have decreased the number of social contact in the last years.

I am always seeking for better. The main principle that I always try to apply to my life and every activity that comes along is the necessity of doing your best at all times. I have been inspired much by the new acquaintances, who are beyond successful and happy, guiding me through the core notions of behavior that would guarantee rewards. I can also be described as a person, who is hardly ever satisfied with the condition of the surrounding things. I can be overwhelmed with stress, having little willingness to continue trying. However, I am defined by my family and friends, who will always give a helping hand and support me.

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Who Am I?

I have often wondered what it is that makes me who I am. Is it my personality, or my character? Is it the way that I dress? Maybe it is my choice of career? Or, maybe it is a combination of all of these things, because I don’t think that there is one description or label that is capable of defining me completely.

I like to think that for the most part, I am a pretty easy person to get along with. I am generally a positive person to be around and I try not to judge anyone for the choices that they make or the beliefs that they subscribe to. I just treat everyone with the same respect that I would like to be treated with. However, this does not mean that I am a pushover. I do not suffer fools gladly and if you try to take advantage of me you are very likely to see a completely different side of me! I think that this is something that is probably true of most people though, so maybe I am fairly typical in that respect.

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I am a shy person and at times I feel incredibly awkward around people, especially those that I don’t know. I am the type of person who will hang back and observe strangers before making the decision about whether or not I want to join in with the group. It is because of this that I am often wrongly labelled as being stand offish or antisocial. This could not be further from the truth. I love to be around people once I get to know them, it is just that I am painfully shy at the beginning. Sometimes I wish that I could make people understand this because I am sure that I have missed out on many potential friendships because of this shyness that seems to come across as my being a nasty type of person, but then again maybe only the people who have had patience are the type of friends that I should be pursuing.

Once I get to know you, that is when you will get to see the real me. Not the shy and wary exterior, but the real person inside. The person who can have razor sharp wit fuelled by sarcasm, but who is also incredibly warm and supportive of those I care about. The person inside loves to laugh and will tell you lots of stories about the crazy antics that my slightly dysfunctional family gets up to and the stupid clumsy things that I have done. My closest friends would describe me as funny, loyal and genuine, but it takes a lot for people to get to that point where I am willing to show that side of me.

They say that there are two sides to every coin and that sums me up pretty well. I might be outgoing and sociable, but I am also shy and awkward. I can be warm and loving, but I am also capable of cutting someone down with my sharp tongue. Everything about me happens in contrast and depends on who I am with and how comfortable I feel around them.

In conclusion, there are many different things that make me who I am. It is not just my character and my personality, but also the things I do and say. I seem to be made up entirely of opposites and contradictions. There are so many different elements that make up this puzzle that is me – a unique individual.