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Wage Essays Examples

Second Claim Paragraph


Another reason the minimum wage [should/should not] be legally enforced is [that/the fact that] [provide your second claim for or against the legal enforcement of the minimum wage.]



Another reason the minimum wage [should/should not] be legally enforced is [that/the fact that] [provide your second claim for or against the legal enforcement of the minimum wage.]




  • Having a legally required minimum wage assures that the poorest and most vulnerable class of workers can meet their basic needs.
  • The minimum wage encourages more spending by the poorest class and stimulates economic growth.
  • A standard minimum wage is a human right.
  • A minimum wage improves both the quality and efficiency of labor.
  • Implementing a minimum wage can decrease government spending on supportive programs for low-income households. 



  • Businesses should be able to set their wages independently of government controls.
  • A minimum wage can cause a surplus in labor and create more unemployment.
  • The minimum wage is unfair to small or start-up companies and encourages the growth of already-big companies.
  • A minimum wage can prevent individuals from pursuing higher education and therefore can decrease the quality of an economy's human capital. 
 Reference Page on the Minimum Wage Principle


United States Department of Labor Information on the Minimum Wage


U.C. Davis Center for Poverty Research: History of the Minimum Wage

Hi Kay,

You could really get into a lot of detail with your thesis statements; depending on how long of an essay you are expected to write, it will be a good idea to adjust the number of ideas you are arguing in the paper, so that you can adequately focus on them and on delivering and defending your opinion.


In the introduction, you should put the question in quotation marks and fix the grammar mistake: One of the most frequently.... seems to be....


Unless you intend to get into the details of WHY you have the point of view that you do (personal experience, experiences of someone you know etc.), there is no need to say "from where I stand", simply state your opinion; the reader already assumes that the writer is writing their own opinion when making a firm statement. However, you can certainly take some time within your essay to describe where you stand and why; this may actually be very interesting for your reader when evaluating your standpoint.


As for your third topic sentence, you can base it on your second and third thesis statements; when there is a higher wage to earn for producing a higher quality service/product, people are more likely to be more motivated to work harder. People are also more likely to continue to work hard if they continue to be rewarded and noticeably valued for doing so. The 'higher pay for better work done" doesn't answer the 'minimum wage' question as much as it answers questions regarding what is 'fair' or when is someone deserving of a raise, but I thought I would throw that out there.


Either way, it seems that your point is, that the more people struggle financially, the lower their morale, which typically can translate directly to low morale in the work environment, leading to unsuccessful businesses, to poor economy, to low wages, and so the cycle goes on.


If I am understanding your viewpoint correctly, this is how I would suggest revising your introduction: 



One of the most frequently asked questions in our country seems to be: "Should minimum wage be raised or should it be lowered or eliminated altogether?" Raising the minimum wage would not only lift individual people out of poverty, but it would also lift the spirits of these hard-working individuals by rewarding them fairly, thus strengthening businesses and the economy overall.


From there, you can argue and defend each main point in the introduction and tie them all together again at the end. 


I hope this was helpful, please let me know how it goes!



Elif I.