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Essay On Letters To A Young Teacher

Letters to a Young Teacher

Jonathan Kozol, Author . Crown $19.95 (288p) ISBN 978-0-307-39371-5

Forty years ago, Death at an Early Age catapulted Kozol into national prominence as a compassionate yet clearheaded observer of the rotten state of American education. His latest book reviews many of the basic issues he has spent his life exploring through teaching and writing. Here, he cleverly weaves his observations—as well as a thinly disguised biographical memoir—into a series of 16 letters written to “Francesca,” a first-grade teacher at an inner-city public school in Boston. Overall, the book will delight and encourage first-year (or for that matter, 40th-year) teachers who need Kozol's reminders of the ways that their “beautiful profession” can “bring joy and beauty, mystery and mischievous delight into the hearts of little people in their years of greatest curiosity.” But his encouraging words rarely lapse into treacle. In fact, he offers tough observations on American education addressed to a larger audience. His forceful opinions are convincingly argued—most notably, that educational vouchers will deepen divisions between diverse groups in racially decided cities; that middle schools demoralize students and should be abolished entirely; and that the Gates Foundation made a “damaging mistake” in aggressively funding a “small school craze” that will reinforce “the racial isolation of the students they enroll.” (Sept.)

Reviewed on: 06/04/2007
Release date: 08/01/2007

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Jonathan Kozol Author Biography

In the passion of the civil rights campaigns of 1964 and 1965, Jonathan Kozol gave up the prospect of a promising career in the academic world, moved from Harvard Square into a poor black neighborhood of Boston, and became a fourth grade teacher. He has since devoted nearly his entire life to the challenge of providing equal opportunity to every child in our public schools.

Jonathan Kozol is the author of Death at an Early Age, Savage Inequalities, Amazing Grace, and other award-winning books about young children and their public schools.

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